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Dark OC! by darkfary93
Dark OC!
This is the infamous Dark! He is one of Kngiths oldest tormentors he would do anything to get Knight in bed. I had a hard time designing his form but finnaly I did it!

Dark// Darkfary93 
The nightmares caught him in there arms and hurried to take him home, they put him on the bed and put a cover over him. Knight laid on his bed and was fast asleep while Universe came in to check on him. Knight hadn’t moved he was so exhausted, Universe was worried about him but he stayed with him when he could. One week later Knight woke up he moved around and looked up right then Universe came in, he saw Knight awake and ran over holding him close.
-   U…U…Universe?
-   Knight yes it’s me oh I’m so glad your awake!
-   How long was I a sleep?
-   You slept for one week are you ok?
-   I’m fine tired but fine!
-   Everyone slept better last night!
-   Then my job worked!
Knight hugged him and snuggled against him. Universe smiled and hugged him, but soon his smile became serious he had some news to tell him which wasn't going to be easy.
-’s…it’s about Dust
-   What is it is he ok?!
-   When you went missing he never stopped looking for you...
-   Every night he went out  but he got sick soon and now he's in a coma, I'm sorry!
Unicron finished the line and Knight cried out and jumped up from the bed he ran out and speeded of to the hospital. When he arrived he talked with a nurse and then ran over to Dusts room, he leans forward and starts whispering to Dust that moved a little hearing Knights voice. Dust started moving a little more Knight leant even more forward and kissed him on the lips, Dusts woke up and looked at him.
-   Knight it’s I dreaming?
-   No you’re not dreaming!
-   So it’s really you!
-   Yes it’s me I returned to you!
-   Pleas can you hold me?
Knight crawled down in bed with him and just held Dust close to him and mumbling into his helm.
-   Knight I love you so much!
-   I love you more my Dust!
Kisses him they kissed for a while and now the nurse came in but smiled when she saw the two mechs.
-   I'm sorry I didn't find you sooner!
-   Oh actually I made Rodimus let me go he really is changed now!
-   Did he hurt you?
-   Yes he did wary much at first but then he started having nightmares.
-   So what happend then?
-   Well I comforted him and then I noticed he started to get nicer!
-   I'm sorry he hurt you!
-   Its ok he is changed that’s the main thing now he won’t bother us!
Kisses him before getting on top of Dust kissing him deeply on the mouth, Dust blushed and giggled before kissing back. The nurse closed the door knowing what would happen now and she didn’t want to see it, Knight kissed Dust deeply and rubbed his panel Dust blushed hard and giggled.
-   Ahhh Knight heheh!
-   I haven’t been with you for a while pleas can we do it it’s been so long since last!
-   Yes please do me...please!
-   Then you do me when you get home form hospital ok?
-   I promise!
Knight kissed him and removed his panel and started sucking on Dusts shaft taking it deep inside his mouth Dust moaned and grabbed the bed, Knight sucked some more and when Dust was hard then he removed his own panel and moved a little before slowly sitting down between Dusts legs and soon pushed his shaft so it went deep inside Dusts port.
-   Mm D…Dust oh so tight!
-   Ahhh mm Ohh Knight you feel amazing!
Knight started moving in and out in a steady peace while moaning, Dust grabbed the bed moaning out.
-   Oh Dust I’m so close!
Knight had pushed into Dust again the mech moaned with pleasure, Knight was gentle and soon they both overloaded.
-   Oh Dust it felt so good!
-   Ahhhhohh Knight your amazing!!
Knight smiled and soon they slept snuggled against each other, Dust giggled he was so happy. Next day Knight sat with SS and his brother’s.
-   Knight oh I’m so glad your back!
Starscream said and ran over to knight and tackle hugged him, TC giggled watching them it was cute. Knight on the other hand was surprised but smiles.
-   Hehe Starscream missed you Knight!
-   I noticed!
SS kept hugging him when Knight sat on a chair he sat in Knight’s lap they where same size and age, TC giggled and looked at them.
-   Aww can I take a picture of you two?
-   No, Knight said
-   Yes, SS said
-   Yes, Knight said
-   No, SS said
-   So can I?
-   Yes you can!
-   Aww perfect!
Knight giggled and TC smiled and kissed Starscream’s cheek and SS hugged him close, Knight sighed he missed his own brother’s.
-   You ok Knight?
-   I miss my brothers they are in work!
-   Aww its ok they won't be long!
-   I know but I still miss them!
-   Hey how about some ice-cream?
-   Yes please!
-   Me to, me to!
-   I'll get you some then hold on!
Knight giggled and SS hugged him. TC went out and got them some ice-cream and smiled as he did it, and Knight and SS started giggling when he left, TC soon came in with big ice-cream bowls for them.
-   Here we are!
-   Thank you TC!
-   Thank you big brother!
Knight and SS ate the ice-cream smiling at eachohter, SS put some ice-cream on Knights nose and Knight did same to SS as a revenge.
-   Hehe aaw that’s sweet!
-   Knight hug?
-   Ok!
Knight giggled and hugged SS that hugged back, TC took another picture and smiles before laughing.
-   Hey how about a movie?
-   Yay movie!
Knight and SS nodded and walked hand in hand when Dust joined them, he had been released from hospital he hugged Knight from behind.
-   Hey I just got out from the hospital!
-   Yay!
-   I missed you so much Knight!
-   I missed you more!
-   You’re so cute and I remember that promise!
-   You do?
-   Yes I do shall we go somewhere private?
Knight nodded and walked of  holding hands with Dust, SS poked TC and pointed they all giggled.
-   Well we won't see them again for a while!
-   No!
Now Knight and Dust came into a room in hotel and they kissed deeply, Dust kissed him and lifted him up he carried him to the bed. Knight started blushing, Dust smile and kissed him while rubbing Knights crotch.
-   Ah D…Dust you’re a tease!
-   Hehe and you love it!
-   I love you Dust!
-   I love you more my Knight!
Dust started rubbing Knights port and spread his legs out, Knight moaned and bit his lip.
-   Aww your cute!
Dust said and pushed gently into him, Knight gasped out but relaxed and moaned. Dust   smiles as he moved gently in and out.
-   Knight you’re so tight!
-   Oh D…Dust oh god right there!
-   Ah Knight mm I aah I can’t hold on much longer!
-   Ahhhh!
Knight screams out and soon he overloaded, Dust moved a little more but right after he overloaded as well.
-   Ohh wow that was amazing!
-   Indeed oh Dust I love you!
-   I love you too ah Knight!
Knight grinned and pushed Dust down and got down between his legs and sucked on his shaft, Dust got totally red and Knight giggled and sucked more eagerly.
-   Mm so good you taste so good!
-   Ahhh mm!
Knight sucked and he liked it he also felt Dust was close to overloading, Knight smiled again and moved a little and now sat down so Dusts shaft entered his port
-   Ahhh Knight your port is tight!!
-   Oh Dust your shaft feel amazing in me!
Knight moved up and down and moaned, Dust then grins and sits up and kisses Knight that still moves in Dusts lap while kissing back and soon they both overloaded. Dust smiled and kissed him and licked his neck drawing a little moan from Knight, Dust smile and kissed him.
-   I love you so much Knight without you I’m incomplete
-   I love you even more my Dust!
Dust smiled and licked his neck again and then gave him a little tickle, Knight giggled and soon he went to the bathroom and now they sat in a hot tub relaxing.
-   Hehe I like the bath always feel so warm!
-   I agree and so relaxing!
Knight said he was sitting in Dusts lap, Dust smiled and kissed him again and again. They kissed and cuddled in the bath for a while, and later on they left the hotel and went home.
-   That was amazing Knight I had so much fun!
-   Same here!
They walked back hand in hand and there was Dusts brothers as well as Knights brothers waiting for them.
-   Hey Knight I missed you!
-   Universe!!!!!
-   Hehe hey Knight!
-   Universe mm my Universe
Knight snuggled up close to him, Universe smiled and held him close kissing his head and smiles whispering to him. Knight jumped so Universe had to carry him.
-   Hey want to play a game?
-   Yes!
-   How about mm hide and seek?
Knight hide under the sofa while Universe was counting. He looked around and wondered where Knight was, Knight on the other hand had a hard time not to sneeze from under the sofa it was wery dusty there. Universe then got an idea he kept quite too and hid back, Knight looked out from his hiding place and Universe came behind him and grabbed him.
-   Hahaha I got you!!
-   Hahaha no…no stop!
Universe was tickling him knight giggled and squirmed trying to get away.
-   Hehe s…stop
-   Hehe why should I?
-   Ahha I can’t take it and I give up!
Universe smiled and hugged him now, Knight purred and snuggled up close to his brother. Knight soon was asleep in his brothers arms, Universe smiled and hugged him.
-   I will watch over you!
Love, Hate And Unexpected Chapter 14
My story got deleted so i have to write it through memory

Knight,Dust and Universe// Darkfary93
SS,TC,Rodimus,Unicron and Primus// Hasbro and Takara
Knight waited for Dust arms folded over her chest, she tapped her foot and looked at the watch when she heard a yell. “Hey Knight sorry I’m late” “You’re late with 10 minutes.” “I’m sorry something came up!” ”It’s ok let’s go!” Walks away Dust hurried over and took Knights hand, they walked away they talked and Knight laughed and then looks at Dust. Knights golden eyes met Dust chocolate colored eyes and she felt sad but it had to be done. “Dust!” “Yes Knight!” Knight put her hands on his shoulders and bent Dust over. “Dust I break up with you!” “Why Knight?!” “I saw you with Arcee you were holding hands and kissing!” “Knight I’m sorry!” “It’s over Dust!” Walks away tears falling down her face.
School Days Chapter 13
So Kngith finnaly did it but her heart is saddend but i dotn intend to put them togetehr in this story

Dust and Knight// Darkfary93
Arcee// Hasbro Takara
Next day Knight sat in the classroom thinking, she tried to find different ways to break up with Dust. The door opened and the teacher Optimus came in, Knight looked up she had to admit that Optimus was the hottest teacher in school. Knight smiles to herself and looks up. “Good morning Optimus!” ”Oh good morning Knight ready for the big test today?” “Yes I been studying the entire day!” “Good” Knight knew Optimus dated her oldest brother Unicron, right then her phone rang and Knight answered. “Hello?” “Hey Knight it’s me Dust!” “Oh hi Dust!”  “Mm do you want to go to the cafe with me today?” “Sure!” “Ok meet you at 3!” “Ok!” *Knight hung up, she then slammed her phone in the table. “THAT NERV!” Everybody looks up, Knight blushed. Optimus looks up. “Ok pencils ready you got 30 minutes go!” Everybody started writing, Knight looks at her test the questions didn’t make any sense to her. She looked at the test when an idea started shaping in her head, an idea on how to break up with Dust.  Knight smiles to herself and then she start writing.
School Days Chapter 12
So Knight finnally find out how to break up with Dust

Dust,Kngith// Darkfary93

Optimus and Unicron// Hasbro takara



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