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My OC Knight by darkfary93
My OC Knight
Here is my OC Knight the baby brother of Unicron UNiverse and Primus, he is not a femme even if he looks like one
Later on Knight was walking on the carnival she was looking for Dust, when she ran into Elita. “Hey Elita have you seen Dust?” “Oh Hey Knight yes Dust is at the cotton candy shop!” “Thank you Elita” runs of again. Elita looked after her and sighed, she had seen Dust earlier yes but he hadn’t been alone.  Knight ran but then stopped dead in her tracks, there was Dust but by his side was Arcee holding Dusts arm and smiling to him. “Oh Dust come lets go over there!” “Ok Arcee!” they walked away and Knight felt tears start to form in her eyes, why was Dust with Arcee? and why was she holding his arm like they were a couple? Knight turned around and ran away fast tears falling, she stopped at a cliff and yelled. “DUST I HATE YOU WHY, WHY, WHY WHYYYY!!!!!!!!” Not far from there a boy with red hair smiles, Dark had paid Arcee to flirt and go out on a date with Dust only so Knight would be upset it was Darks revenge from the humiliation earlier.
School Days Chapter 10
So sorry for not posting on a while I been super busy.
So here uís chapter 10 and things start to heat up, so in Short Kngith saw Dust dating Arcee. Arcee and Knight really hated eachother.
So becouse of Dark Knight belived that Dust was cheatign on her and only used her. How willl it end?
Sorry for typos im still dysletic

Dust,Kngith and Dark// Darkfary93
Arcee and Elita// Hasbro Takara
Universe took Knights hand and walked away Knight was impressed with her brother. “Wow Universe that was so cool!” “Did he hurt you?” “No he was about to but then you saved me!” “Good I don’t want anything to happen to my baby sis” Knight was so happy right there and then that she had a big brother to care for her, sure they augmented but they were always there for one another and friends to the end.
School Days Chapter 9
chapter 9 on my story

Universe and Knigth// Darkfary93
Knight took a step back and got back against the wall, she swallowed and looked up at Dark that was leaning over her blocking her path. Dark moved his hand and gently rubbed Knights cheek causing the young girl to blush. Dark then moved closer to her so their noses was touching and smiles, Knight started shaking and felt tears starting to form in her eyes, she didn’t want Dark she wanted Dust to be the one doing this. Meanwhile her big brother Universe passed by and stopped he got an annoyed look at his face, before seeing it was Knight that was trapped and the annoyance turned to anger how DARE that boy harass his sister. Universe got into overprotective brother mode and ran over he then pulled Dark away from Knight. “Universe?! Oh I’m so glad to see you” “How dare you harass my baby sister you creep!” “Oh so my Knight is your sister how cute she look a lot like you!” “SHUT UP!!” Universe hits Dark hard in the face knocking him back so he fell on the ground. “If you come close to Knight again I beat the crap out of you!” Universe hugged Knight close, and Dark leaves. “Just so you know the more you protect her the more eager I am to get her in bed!”
School Days Chapter 8
Chapter 8 is up and if you havent fiurd it out yet so Yes Dark is a creep desiring a under aged girl.

Dark, Kngith, Universe// Darkfary93



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