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To everyone folowing my story Love Hate and Unexpected thing! I might not be able to finish
It coz my PC is broken again but I will try to finish it but I Willl Try To Finish It // Darkfary93
Love hate and unexpected things chapter 13

Knight moved he laid on a bed dressed in a maid outfit and he heard the door open, a mockingly kind voice followed.

- Hey little Knight!
- Oh stop the flattery!
- Why?
- Because it won’t work on me!
- Oh really!

Kisses him gentle and starts rubbing around his port drawing a moan from the younger mech, Knight was moaning and Rodimus stopped smiling.

- So you like when I touch you?
- P…pleas oh mm oh it feels so good!

Rodimus smiles and removes his finger and starts licking around the port, Knight gasped and moaned. Rodimus grinned and licked Knights thighs while rubbing his shaft, Knight moaned and shivered he then overloaded and blushed hard as he collapses on the bed.

- Ohh someone loved that hehe!
- C…can I lick your port?
- Of course!

Knight could have bit of his own tongue in anger for the line he said, but now he moved a little and soon he was licking Rodimus port he knew how to use his tongue.

- Mm Ahhh yes!

Knight kept licking and pushed his tongue inside Rodimus port making the older mech shiver and moan on the bed, now he smiled and started rubbing Rodimus shaft as he licked the port.

- Ahhhhhhh fuck yes that’s it keep going!!

Knight kept on teasing him until he overloaded, Knight gasped and looked up his face sticky with lubricant.

- Haha you look good in that!

Knight looked down and then sobbed he mange to get away and then locked himself away, Rodimus looked to where he ran off he just smiled and didn’t care at the moment. But soon he got annoyed at Knight because he hadn’t come out on many hours, Rodimus banged on the door.

- Open up!
- Never!!
- Open up or else!
- No I don’t want to!
- Why tell me why?
- I didn’t like when you laughed at me it wasn’t funny!
- I'm sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you!
- I didn’t mean to upset you pleas open!
- Really?

Knights voice gave away he didn’t trust him just yet, anyway Knight opened the door and looked at Rodimus that pulled him into a kiss filled with love and passion. Knight melted and kissed back hugging him close. Later on Knight was asleep on the bed Rodimus smiled and rubbed his cheek while he is asleep, Knight was still completely naked Rodimus grinned and kissed his cheek licking his neck. Rodimus felt Knight shiver not from the touches but from the cold Rodimus laid beside him and pulled the blanket over them.

- Why do you shiver little one?
- I…I’m cold so cold!
- Are you sick?
- I don’t know!
- You might have a cold?
- Maybe!

Knight looked up at him and sneezed Rodimus looked at him and then he wraps another blanket around Knight. Knight slept that night but Rodimus only acted that way so Knight would think he was nice and want to stay but, he was still bad and enjoyed hurting Knight. The next day he was wery mean to Knight punishing him for any little mistake.

- You stupid bitch you ruined my drink!
- I dint!
- Shut up and go get another one now!

Knight left and came back with another one this one was perfect he was sad, and what made him sadder was that he had made a promise last night to stay with Rodimus. Knight was walking around cleaning Rodimus drank more and threw the glass do it shattered.

- Pick it up!
- Yes master!
- Good!

Knight bent down and picked it up putting it in the trash, he went away and continued to clean Rodimus rolled his eyes and laid down now Knight came over to him.

- Hey I didn't say you can lay in bed with me!

Knight sighed and went out to the kitchen he drank a glass of water and then laid down on the sofa missing his brothers, he wanted them so much right now and he missed them so much he had never felt this lonely before. Knight cried into the pillow Dust had already forgotten him he was sure of it, but oh he was so wrong poor Dust was out all hours of the day and night looking for him, he ended up being sick because of it. Knight wanted to get away from this prison Rodimus called on him now he wanted someone to be with him in the bed.

- Knight get in here!
- Yes!
- In bed now!
- But you said I wasn’t allowed in the bed!
- I know but I want you now!
- O…ok!

Knight took of his dress and went to the bed with Rodimus that hugged him tightly Knight was tense he then noticed Rodimus was shaking like he was scared. Knight looks at him and sighed, he relaxed Rodimus had had nightmares and needed someone to hug, he hugged him tightly and shaking a little.

- Why so scared?
- I had a nightmare!
- Aaw poor you!

Knight said and sat up in the bed and allowed Rodimus to lay with head in his lap while Knight stroke him over the helm. Rodimus hugged him and just lay and snuggled against him, Knight stroke his helm gently.

- Shh, shh I’m here no more nightmares for you!
- Why are you doing this being nice to me?
- I was programmed to be kind and see kindness in everybody!

Rodimus hugged him while Knight mumbled calming words into his audio, Rodimus felt better and smiled. Knight kept whispering and soon Rodimus fell asleep head in Knight’s lap, Rodimus was asleep peaceful against him Knight was awake the entire night and chased away nightmares. Next day Rodimus woke up smiling, Knight was still awake and Rodimus noticed he hadn’t slept on the entire night
- Did you watch me all night?
- Yes I did!
- Thank you Knight!
- Yawn!
- You seem tired why don’t you get some rest?
- O…ok if its ok with you?
- Get some sleep ok!

Knight nodded and Rodimus smiled and kissed his cheek yawning, Knight laid down on the bed and soon slept peacefully. Knight slept heavily and on the afternoon he woke up and looked around Rodimus was just drinking something and reading a book, Knight went over to him.

- Oh hey Knight!
- Hi Rodimus!
- Did you sleep ok?
- Yes I did!
- Do you want something to eat?
- Mm oh sure!

Knight sat down at the table and soon Rodimus came in with some food, Knight blushed and looked at him. Rodimus and Knight had dinner and they talked wery much about everything between heaven and earth. Later on Rodimus went back to reading, Knight on the other hand looked at the window wishing he could see his brothers. He then stood behind Rodimus and put his hands on his shoulders starting to give him a massage, he relaxed and allowed Knight to massage him.

- Mmm nice thank you Knight!
- Oh you’re so tense!
- I’m sorry it’s just those nightmares!
- I know they are hard on you!

Knight was about to get some sleep, but again Rodimus had nightmares he had even worse than yester today. Knight went over and got down in bed with him letting Rodimus rest with head in his lap while Knight whispered gentle to him, and now Rodimus was crying in sleep. Knight stroke his helm whispering into his audios calm words that would chase away the nightmares, then suddenly he woke up.

- Ahhh where am I!!!??
- Shh the nightmares are gone go back to sleep I watch you the entire night again!
- I don't want to sleep I don't want another nightmare!
- Shh I’m going to chase them away like I did last night!

Rodimus looked at him and calmed down and fell asleep, Knight sighed and stroke Rodimus helm like he did to Rumble when he had nightmares. Rodimus felt better now and relaxed, Knight was awake the entire night and the nightmares didn’t come back as long as Knight was there, Rodimus soon woke up and smiled.

- I had a good sleep!
- Good!

Rodimus then hugged him, Knight looked surprised as Rodimus smiled and kissed him.

- Y…you’re not mad at me for being in your bed?
- No its ok!
- You see I’m a keeper of dreams!
- Keeper of dreams?
- Yes I bring dreams to Childs everywhere chase away there nightmares but it’s been
       hard lately, I been weakened by being chained here and hurt so many times soon I won’t be strong enough to chase them away!
- Thank you very much!
- But I won’t be strong enough to chase away the nightmares if I’m being stuck here!
- What do you mean?
- Since I haven’t been able  to go out because you have kept me inside and hurt me      the past days the nightmares have grown stronger, they feed on my fear and I been so scared now so they have taken some of my power, if this continues I won’t be able to protect you or anyone from nightmares!
- What do you mean  is someone else hurting because you aren’t' around?
- I’m a keeper of dreams right?
- Yes!
- I know my power now it’s to give transformers happy dreams and to chase away bad      dreams nightmares are scary dreams they feed of your fear the more scared you are the more powerful they get and now when I haven’t been around I don’t know how many that have had nightmares!
- What about your brothers are they affected like that too?
- Oh no yes they are god knows what problems they are in now!
- Shh is there anything I can do to help you?
- Please let me go home they need me!
- Knight I…I promise you come visit me?
- You letting me go?
- Yes you’re no longer bonded to me!
- You can come to you can  be friend with us!
- How can I be your friend your brothers hates me!
- Can you blame them?
- No I can’t!
- I seen your not as evil you act like you had a hard life am I right?
- Yes I had I grew up on the streets learned about life the hard way!
- I see and I can help you if you come with me help you to start over!
- O…ok I’ll try!

Knight smiles and hugs him then they left and returned to Knights brothers when they arrives they saw that they were in pretty bad shape they haven't slept in days because the nightmares was so bad, Knight arrived back home followed by Rodimus and Knight told them everything that happened.

- really trust him?
- Yes I do!
- If Knight say he can be trusted I trust him!

Unicron is holding an exhausted Primus, Knight put his hand on Primus head he relaxed and chased away the fear in his mind.

-       I’m going to stand on the tower to unleash my powers on the city!
- Is it dangerous?
- Not at all and please take care of Rodimus while I’m gone!

They nodded but Universe was so tried he fell asleep on the floor, Knight kissed him and now went up on the biggest tower where he concentrated sending out positives vibrations to everyone’s mind so they fell asleep but with no more nightmares. Knight then called the nightmares over to him the nightmares moved to him and looks at him, Knight looked back at them.

- Go away stay away from the city!

They listened since Knight was the protector, they went away fast but Knight called them back.

- Hey I have a suggestion that going to make us all happy!

They looked at him unsure if they should trust him what if he tricked them, Knight sat down on the roof and the nightmares sat down beside him.

- Look I seen how many mean mechs they are around and I’m tired of giving them happy dreams so when I see a mech treat a kid, mate or another person badly I call you and let you haunt their dreams until they regret what they have done they have stopped respecting me!

The nightmares smiles and looks at Knight they nodded to him now and liked the idea a lot. Knight closed his eyes focusing and looked up.

- There is a mech on Cyber road 5 he beats his 7 year old kid everyday go do your thing!

They smiled and left fast to do it. Knight smiled he knew it was best to form an alliance with the nightmares than to fight them.  Now he had spread the happiness and power to every kind mech and now was so tired he blackout and fell down from the tower one of the smaller nightmares hurried and caught him.
Love Hate And Unexpected Things Chapter 13
so this is chapter 13 in my story sorry for not updating sooner been at work everyday. Forgive my typos im dysletic

Knight,Universe// Me
Unicron,Rodimus,Primus and Rumble// Hasbro Takara
When they came home Knight was yawning and Primus kissed his cheek.

- Time for bed you!

Knight yawned again and Primus took him to his bedroom and he laid his sleeping brother on the bed and laid beside him holding him gentle, Knight suckled on his shoulder a habit he had since he was a baby, Primus smiled and pulled the bed covers over them. In the middle of the night Knight woke up Primus was still asleep, Knight stood up and went over to his babies. They were sleeping too and snuggled against each other, Knight looked at them and he went down in bed with the kids, they woke up smiling and hurried to lay beside him. Knight smiled and allowed them to sleep with him it was still 3 am at night, then Rumble mumbled in sleep.

- Love you mommy!
- Love you more now relax!

Knight gentle sang a lullaby to them they smiled and fell asleep soon after, Knight sighed and soon slept as well. Morning came Primus felt Knight wasn't near him he was worried and sat up fast.

- Knight where are you!?
- Primus?

Primus turned around in the door Knight stood looking at him, Primus ran to him and picked him up hugging him.

- Oh brother I was worried!
- But brother I was checking on the babies and then fell asleep with them!
- I understand was just a little worried you know!
- Its ok I know!
- WHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!
- I think the babies are up!
- You better go see them!

Knight kissed his brother and now ran over to the babies and picked them up hugging them.

- Hi little ones!
- Mommy!
- Hungwy!
- Aaaw you’re hungry?

The babies nodded and Knight allowed them to drink from him, they drank so much and enjoyed it Knight smiles and kisses their heads soon they were finished and Knight took them down stairs. After he had eaten breakfast Knight was in the living room drawing on papers he was happy, his brother Universe had given him new colors and pencils to draw with, he knew how much Knight liked to draw. Universe came in now he wanted to check on his brother.

- Hey bro how is it going?
- Good!
- That’s cool, what you drawing?
- Family portrait!
- That’s weary good drawn!
- Thank you!

Knight giggled and looked at Universe that hugged him.  That night however Knight slept alone in his bed or so he thought the window opened slowly, Rodimus was there he climbed in and smiled. Knights cover had fallen of his body was showing and glimmering in moonlight, Rodimus got turned on directly and went over to the bed but he wasn’t going to rape Knight not yet. Rodimus went over and he grinned, Knight was asleep and didn’t notice but all of a sudden his mouth was covered with a hand, Knight tried to scream but the hand was firmly covering his mouth. Knight shivered but now he was being tied and gagged, and now was being carried away. Knight whimpered but was tied so he couldn’t do anything, Rodimus took him to his home and he laid him down on the bed. Knight looked up at him and now he was tied to the bed legs spread wide, he panicked and now Rodimus came in with a candle and a whip.

Love, Hate And Unexpected Things Chapter 12
Finnaly here is the new chapter of my fanfic Im so sorry for not uploading so mouch have been at work so often and it have been so stressing anyway enjoy chapter 12 and I know it might be erroes in it but pleas odtn be rude about it Im dysletic so its hard on me
Kngiht,Universe// Darkfary93
Primus,Rumble and Rodimus// Hasbro Takara



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