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Knight waited for Dust arms folded over her chest, she tapped her foot and looked at the watch when she heard a yell. “Hey Knight sorry I’m late” “You’re late with 10 minutes.” “I’m sorry something came up!” ”It’s ok let’s go!” Walks away Dust hurried over and took Knights hand, they walked away they talked and Knight laughed and then looks at Dust. Knights golden eyes met Dust chocolate colored eyes and she felt sad but it had to be done. “Dust!” “Yes Knight!” Knight put her hands on his shoulders and bent Dust over. “Dust I break up with you!” “Why Knight?!” “I saw you with Arcee you were holding hands and kissing!” “Knight I’m sorry!” “It’s over Dust!” Walks away tears falling down her face.
School Days Chapter 13
So Kngith finnaly did it but her heart is saddend but i dotn intend to put them togetehr in this story

Dust and Knight// Darkfary93
Arcee// Hasbro Takara
Next day Knight sat in the classroom thinking, she tried to find different ways to break up with Dust. The door opened and the teacher Optimus came in, Knight looked up she had to admit that Optimus was the hottest teacher in school. Knight smiles to herself and looks up. “Good morning Optimus!” ”Oh good morning Knight ready for the big test today?” “Yes I been studying the entire day!” “Good” Knight knew Optimus dated her oldest brother Unicron, right then her phone rang and Knight answered. “Hello?” “Hey Knight it’s me Dust!” “Oh hi Dust!”  “Mm do you want to go to the cafe with me today?” “Sure!” “Ok meet you at 3!” “Ok!” *Knight hung up, she then slammed her phone in the table. “THAT NERV!” Everybody looks up, Knight blushed. Optimus looks up. “Ok pencils ready you got 30 minutes go!” Everybody started writing, Knight looks at her test the questions didn’t make any sense to her. She looked at the test when an idea started shaping in her head, an idea on how to break up with Dust.  Knight smiles to herself and then she start writing.
School Days Chapter 12
So Knight finnally find out how to break up with Dust

Dust,Kngith// Darkfary93

Optimus and Unicron// Hasbro takara
Next day Knight sat at the beach looking at the sea tears falling down her face, when SS came over she sat down leaning back against Knight. “Knight why are you crying?” “I saw Dust yestertoday arm in arm with Arcee!” “What!?” Knight started crying again and just couldn’t stop, SS then opened her bag and took up a box with pocky sticks. “Here take one and tell me everything!” “Well I was walking around the carnival when I met Elita and asked if she had seen Dust!” “And?” “She said that she had seen him at the cotton candy shop, so I went there looking for him!” “And then you saw Him and Arcee arm in arm?” “Yes!” “Mm weird but Knight break up with him you don’t deserve such an asshole!” “But he is so cute” “Knight if you keep going out with him knowing he dates Arcee as well, it will hurt you twice as much!” “Maybe your right!” “I broke up with Megatron as well!” “Why SS you seem to be so happy together?” “Turned out he already had a girlfriend called Nightbird!” Knight and SS just sat there comforting each other when Knight spoke up. “SS boys sucks!” SS started laughing and Knight joined in as well. Right there and then Knight decided that she didn’t need a boyfriend she had her brothers and her BFF and that was all she needed. “SS I going to break up with Dust!” “Good decision!”  
School Days Chapter 11
So here is chapter 11 of my story adn as you can see thigns didnt turned out so good between Knight and Dust, pleas no hate compents or telling me about typos I try my best not easy when your dysletic.

Starscream,Megatron,Arcee,Elita and Nightbird// Hasbro Takara
Knight and Dust// Darkfary93
My OC Knight by darkfary93
My OC Knight
Here is my OC Knight the baby brother of Unicron UNiverse and Primus, he is not a femme even if he looks like one
Later on Knight was walking on the carnival she was looking for Dust, when she ran into Elita. “Hey Elita have you seen Dust?” “Oh Hey Knight yes Dust is at the cotton candy shop!” “Thank you Elita” runs of again. Elita looked after her and sighed, she had seen Dust earlier yes but he hadn’t been alone.  Knight ran but then stopped dead in her tracks, there was Dust but by his side was Arcee holding Dusts arm and smiling to him. “Oh Dust come lets go over there!” “Ok Arcee!” they walked away and Knight felt tears start to form in her eyes, why was Dust with Arcee? and why was she holding his arm like they were a couple? Knight turned around and ran away fast tears falling, she stopped at a cliff and yelled. “DUST I HATE YOU WHY, WHY, WHY WHYYYY!!!!!!!!” Not far from there a boy with red hair smiles, Dark had paid Arcee to flirt and go out on a date with Dust only so Knight would be upset it was Darks revenge from the humiliation earlier.
School Days Chapter 10
So sorry for not posting on a while I been super busy.
So here uís chapter 10 and things start to heat up, so in Short Kngith saw Dust dating Arcee. Arcee and Knight really hated eachother.
So becouse of Dark Knight belived that Dust was cheatign on her and only used her. How willl it end?
Sorry for typos im still dysletic

Dust,Kngith and Dark// Darkfary93
Arcee and Elita// Hasbro Takara



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